RSO Information

Before we dive in there are a few important terms you need to know.

RSO – Recognized Student Organizations

There are more than 300 RSO’s at SU. These organizations are integral to the education process at SU.

OSA – Student Activities

  • OSA is an office in the division of the Student Experience. OSA is responsible for working with the 300+ RSO’s at SU. OSA works with orgs to plan programs. Additionally, OSA provides leadership training opportunities for RSO’s.
  • OSA hours of operation: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm  —  100 Women’s Building  —  315.443.2718.

SCPS – Student Centers and Programming and Services

  • SCPS manages the Schine and Goldstein Student Centers. They support RSO’s event production including venue set up, space reservations, security, etc.
  • SCPS hours of operation: during the academic year is 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (summer hours are 8:00 am-4:30pm) —  138 Women’s Building  —  315.443.4240.

SA – Student Association

  • SA is the undergraduate student government at SU. SA has many responsibilities including granting funding to RSO’s.
  • The SA office is located in 100 Women’s Building.


RSO’s are divided into 13 different communities based on mission and purpose.

Rights and Responsibilities

RSO’s have the right to:

  • Apply for funding from SA.
  • Fundraise on campus for approved programs and activities.
  • Reserve space on campus.
  • Print 1200 color and black/white photo copies per year through SA.
  • Post Marketing materials in approved areas throughout campus.
  • Apply and be nominated for awards and honors presented to RSO’s, such as the 44 Stars of Excellence awards ceremony.
  • Be supported with program development, implementation, and assessment from OSA and SCPS.
  • Table at the Involvement Fair held each fall.
  • Use Syracuse University’s name in an approved manner.
  • Listing in some University publications.
  • Access to exclusive training and leadership opportunities.

RSO’S are responsible for:

  • Knowing and connecting with their OSA consultants.
  • Selecting a reliable and trustworthy full-time SU faculty/staff member to serve as an advisor.
  • Understanding the differences between an OSA consultant and an advisor.
  • Completing the annual re-registration process.
  • Completing OSA RSO officer training (Surprise! You’re doing this NOW!).
  • Maintaining an active and accurate presence on ‘Cuse Activities.
  • Updating their formal constitution, advisor contract and membership roster through ‘Cuse Activities.
  • Their fiscal agent completing SA Fiscal Agent Training each semester the RSO wishes to apply for funding from SA.
  • Becoming familiar with university policies and procedures that govern the RSO communities.
  • Serving as an ambassador for your individual organizations as well as the RSO community.

Consultants are staff members that work in the Office of Student Activities. RSO’s are assigned a consultant upon recognition by OSA and are assigned to RSO’s based on availability and interests.

Advisors are full-time faculty and/or staff members at SU. Advisors are selected each year during the RSO re-registration process. Advisors are usually invited by RSO’s because of relationships with leadership and/or affinity for the organization's mission.

Important Policies

Check out the RSO Handbook for other policies that govern RSOs. RSO members and leadership are responsible for knowing the other policies, too.

The student travel policy applies when traveling outside Onondaga County while representing your organization.

Examples Include:

  • Field Trips
  • Leadership/Academic Conferences
  • Community Service
  • Club Sport trips

Not sure if the policy applies?  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you traveling with or on behalf of an RSO?
  • Are you traveling outside of Onondaga County?
  • Did you receive funding from Student Association or the Co-Curricular Fee to finance the trip?
  • Do you expect to be reimbursed for expenses incurred on the trip from an RSO account?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the travel policy applies. Speak with your OSA consultant.

So, what’s the policy?

Travel must be consistent with the RSO’s mission and constitution. You need to discuss and outline the trip with your OSA consultant BEFORE booking or arranging travel. The trip must be chaperoned by a member of the SU faculty or staff except with approval from an appropriate administrator. In most cases your OSA consultant would be appropriate. DON’T FORGET THE PAPERWORK! The student coordinating the trip must complete and submit the “Off-Campus Student Travel Itinerary” form online through ‘Cuse Activities AND ensure every student traveling submits an “Off Campus Student Travel Waiver” through ‘Cuse Activities at least 48 hours before departure.

Any products that you want to order that make use of University marks, logos or slogans must be approved by the University’s Office of Trademark Licensing BEFORE they can be ordered. The university’s Office of Trademark Licensing can be reached at 315.443.2838.

Only general purpose bulletin boards in each building may be used. Posters may not exceed 11” x 17” and you are limited to one poster/flyer per bulletin board. DO NOT use any glue or tape and do not post on windows, doors, or interior/exterior walls.

Every poster must contain the following:

  • Name of RSO
  • Date, time and location of your event
  • Contact info and ticket info (if ticketing the event)
  • The accommodations clause (this must be word for word) – “FOR ANY QUESTIONS, OR TO REQUEST ACCOMMODATIONS, PLEASE CONTACT [name/email] BY [date]” (DEADLINE SHOULD BE 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE THE EVENTS)”
  • The phrase – ” Your Student Fee”

Below is an example of a poster that meets all of the conditions for approval.

Posting Policy Example

Do you want to post in a residence hall? The rules are a little bit different. Only RSO’s can post flyers/posters in the residence halls. All flyers/posters must contain the same information for approval and your OSA consultant must approve the flyer/poster. You may take the flyers/posters to the Office of Residence Life (200 Waverly) at least 10 business days before the event. You can check out the entire policy online. There are only a certain amount of flyers /posters that can be approved for each hall. You must take the flyers/posters to the Office of Residence Life sorted with the appropriate numbers of flyers/posters for each hall.

Here is a list of residence halls and the numbers of flyers that can be approved in each:

  • Boland – 9
  • Booth – 8
  • Brewster/Brockway – 12
  • Central Office – 1
  • Day – 9
  • Dellplain – 9
  • Ernie Davis – 8
  • Flint – 9
  • Haven/Walnut/Washington Arms – 19
  • Kimmel/Marion – 6
  • Lawrinson – 18
  • Sadler – 10
  • Shaw/Lyons – 10
  • South Campus/Sky Halls – 10
  • Watson/Sheraton – 14