44 Stars

The 44 Stars of Excellence Awards acknowledge students, advisors, and recognized student organizations/Greek chapters who demonstrate outstanding dedication and commitment to their organization and its mission.  Students, faculty and staff are invited annually to submit nominations for the awards.

Below are the descriptions for each award and the nominees for each category for the 2021 Gala.

To view our virtual Gala experience from 2020 on YouTube.

2021 Gala Winners:

Award Individual Recognized Student Orgs
Public and Community Service DISAB – Diversity and Inclusion Student Athlete Board
Outstanding Media Production or Publication Globalists
Best New Event/Initiative Gustavo Eumana Traditions Commission
Rising Leader Desjah Altvater
SU Spirit Award Megan Nguyen
The Award for Positive Advocacy and Awareness Tessa Pulgar Asian Students in America (ASIA)
The Award for Diversity and Inclusion Karen Chow The Diverstiy and Inlcusion Student Athlete Board (DISAB)
The La Fuerza Community Enhancement Award Kimberly Ng
Justine Hastings
Unsung Hero Eve Miserlian
The Vitamin C Scholar and Leadership Award Alec O’Del
Greek Man of the Year Rolando Cabral
Greek Woman of the Year Victoria Vega

The Award for Excellence by an Organization President

The Award for Excellence by an Organizational Advisor

Kristen Siermachesky
Chelsea Stern

Mark Trumbo

Jimmy Luckman

The Award for Outstanding Senior Leadership Kimberly Ng
Grace Asch
Victoria Vega
Hunter Gorick