Financial Resources

Financial resources are at times essential to achieving both long-term and short-term goals. Working to support each student’s unique definition of success, cross campus teams alongside the Student Outreach and Retention team go beyond eliminating barriers by providing a strong financial foundation through  a variety of offerings.

  • ’Cuse Works: The Student Employment Office connects students to enriching professional development opportunities, both Federal Work-Study and non-Federal Work-Study.
  • 15 to Finish:  Prevent taking more than four years to complete a degree and work to avoid unplanned costly expenses.
  • Hendricks Chapel Food Pantry:  Offers free food and personal care items to all students.
  • Internship Awards: Helping to pay for internship related travel, living expenses and more are the Clements Internship Awards and the Internship Funding Awards.
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs:  Through one-on-one support, this dedicated team helps build budgets, identify financial resources and more.
  • Financial Literacy:  From personalized financial coaching, workshops and more, this team helps students take charge of their finances.
  • Over the Line:  Helps reduce financial barriers for qualifying students in need of only a few credits to graduate.
  • Smart Money Coaches: Learn essential financial skills, establish goals and create a personalized budget all with the support of a peer mentor.