Over the Line

With a renewed focus on retention and graduation, Syracuse University implemented the Over the Line (OTL) initiative. For qualifying students who need only a few credits to graduate, this initiative reduces per-credit tuition rates. For additional information, please email Over the Line or call 315.443.2616.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Completed 8 full-time semesters (not including summer) for four-year program
  • Completed 10 full-time semesters (not including summer) for five-year program
  • Be within four to six years of first semester at Syracuse University
  • Receive OTL eligibility confirmation from school or college academic advisor
  • With 1 to a maximum of 11 credits, be registered for all remaining credits and requirements needed to graduate
  • MUST graduate by August of the current year
  • Have filed a Diploma Request on MySlice for the summer of the current year

Important Dates

Application Available: April 1st

Application Deadline: June 1st

    Summer Courses

    OTL is only for 1-11 credits, but please reference the term limits for summer listed below.

    Maximum Course Load (Summer)

    Undergraduates may register for a maximum of 7 credits in a six-week session (with Maymester and Six Week First Session considered as one session for this purpose), and a maximum of 14 credits in any summer.  Students may petition their home school/college to register for additional credits in a session or for summer.

      • Maymester: Monday, May 16 – Friday, May 27
          • one course maximum
      • Six Week First Session: Monday, May 23 – Friday, July 1
          • two courses maximum (includes Maymester)
      • Six Week Second Session: Tuesday, July 5 – Friday, August 12
          • two courses maximum
      • Twelve Week Combined Session: Monday, May 23 – Friday, August 12
          • four courses maximum

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    Application Steps

    1. Connect with your school/college academic advisor or OTL representative
      1. verify you meet the eligibility criteria
      2. obtain approval for courses
    2. Enroll in remaining credits needed to graduate (1-11 credits)
    3. File Diploma Request on MySlice for the summer of the current year
    4. Complete OTL application
    5. Confirm participation in OTL after receiving an email from otl@syr.edu


    The discounted rate for OTL Summer 2022 is $417 per credit, with 1 to a maximum of 11 credits.

    Type Per Credit Rate
    Summer Main Campus Tuition $1,452
    Summer Part-time Tuition$695
    OTL Financial Aid-$278 (per credit)
    OTL per credit rate (After your OTL Financial Aid is applied)$417 (After your OTL Financial Aid is applied)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The OTL hold is to ensure that you remain in courses approved by your academic advisor. If you need to adjust your schedule, please email Over the Line and we will remove your hold.  Your advisor will need to approve any new course(s).

    Please pay close attention to all add/drop deadlines.

    Please  email Over the Line or call 315.443.2616  as soon as possible, so we may remove your hold so you may adjust your schedule.  We would need approval from your advisor for your new course(s).

    You may only receive the OTL rate for 11 or fewer credits at Syracuse University. Please contact us if you have additional questions or a maximum of 3 pending transfer credits that would be processed prior to August 26th, 2022.

    Yes, internship credits may be a part of OTL, but only if the credits are required for you to graduate.

    Prior to the drop deadline, notify OTL as soon as possible by  emailing  Over the Line or by calling  315.443.2616, if you no longer wish to take courses and the team will remove the hold for you to drop your course(s).

    Please note, students are responsible for dropping all courses prior to drop deadlines. Dates are available on the Academic Calendar.

    No, the OTL discounted rate is only for main campus courses taken in-person or online.