Student Success Initiative

Supporting undergraduate student success and degree completion, Student Success Initiative (SSUI) partners with Syracuse University’s schools and colleges, to provide the opportunity to get back on track academically.  Highlights include strategies for academic success, earning 6-9 credits toward graduation and building campus connections. For additional information, please email Student Success Initiative or call  315.443.2616.

Eligibility Criteria

One or more of the following:

  • Below 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Below 2.0 semester GPA
  • On academic warning or probation
  • Previously academically suspended
  • Off-track for graduation or failure to make sufficient progress toward degree

Please note, due to space limitations all students who meet the criteria may not be accepted.

Additional Criteria

  • Receive SSUI eligibility confirmation from school/college
  • Courses must be approved by school/college
  • Enrollment in 6-9 credits during summer sessions
  • Confirmation of participation after receiving email from

Financial Aid Criteria

  • Must be admitted and registered for at least six credits in SSUI.
  • Completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the applying year.
  • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.

There is limited need-based Student Success Initiative grant funding. Grant eligibility is based on demonstrated need from the financial aid applications on file.

The Student Success Initiative financial aid award includes Federal Direct Student Loans. Loan amounts are based on grade level at the end of the (coming soon!) term. If you would like to decline your loan, complete the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Cancellation Form.

Once your financial aid has been processed, you will receive an e-mail (i.e. informing you to view your financial aid on My Slice under “My Financial Aid.”  Summer bills are sent in early May.


Student Status Enrolled CreditsCost
Main campus undergraduate6-9 Credits$6,852
Main campus undergraduateOver 9 CreditsCharged an additional rate of $1,452 per credit over the $6,852.

Additional details available on MySlice Financial Aid and by connecting with the Financial Aid & Scholarship Programs team for summer cost of attendance. Please note, the following was last updated Spring 2022 and may be subject to change per each program year.


Application available: April 1st

Application deadline: May 1st

Participating represents a commitment to identifying and improving strategies for academic success. It also further connects students to a campus community network who share in and support their commitment.  Students must apply and be accepted into this program.

Please note, late applications will not be accepted except under extenuating circumstances.

    • Application Opens: April 1st

    • Application Deadline: May 1st

    • Financial Aid Award Notices Distributed: By May 13th


    1. Read the eligibility criteria  to see if you qualify


    1. Connect with your school/college academic advisor or SSUI representative

        1. Verify you meet the eligibility criteria


        1. Obtain approval for courses




    1. Enroll in 6-9 credits of approved courses


    1. Complete SSUI application online (available April 1st)


    1. All Financial Aid questions should be directed to Email Contact Form or 315.443.1513

        1. credit amount


        1. Living on/off-campus OR living with family




    1. Confirm participation in SSUI after receiving email from


SSUI is only for 6-9 credits, but please reference the term limits for summer listed below.

Maximum Course Load (Summer)

Undergraduates may register for a maximum of 7 credits in a six-week session (with Maymester and Six Week First Session considered as one session for this purpose), and a maximum of 14 credits in any summer.  Students may petition their home school/college to register for additional credits in a session or for summer.

  • Maymester: Monday, May 16 - Friday, May 27
    • one course maximum
  • Six Week First Session: Monday, May 23 - Friday, July 1
    • two courses maximum (includes Maymester)
  • Six Week Second Session: Tuesday, July 5 - Friday, August 12
    • two courses maximum
  • Twelve Week Session: Monday, May 23 - Friday, August 12
    • four courses maximum

Finding classes to take this summer has never been easier. Just search for your desired summer term courses in MySlice .


Student Success Initiative (SSUI) Frequently Asked Questions

For additional information, email the SSUI team.

SSUI adds a registration hold after you are enrolled in your approved courses and you have confirmed your participation in the program.  The hold ensures you remain in your approved courses/credits.  Any changes could affect your financial aid or ability to participate in SSUI.

If you need to remove your hold, please email

Your hold will automatically be removed after summer sessions are over and will not affect fall registration.

Please contact 315.443.1031 right away to remove your hold so you may adjust your schedule.  We will need approval from your advisor for the new course or courses.

You must take at least 6 credits to qualify for the SSUI reduced tuition rate or financial aid.

SSUI students must take at least 6 credits during summer sessions.

  • Maymester (considered part of first session)
    • you may take a maximum of one Maymester course
  • Six Week First Session
  • Six Week Second Session
  • Twelve Week Session

Although the probability is high that you will be able to register for your first-choice courses, enrollment does not guarantee this will happen. SSUI cannot control the enrollment of any course. Furthermore, there are some courses that may be your first-choice but they might not be the most appropriate in an intensive six-week format. It is best to make your selections after discussion with your school or college representative.

It is recommended to register early if you wish to hold a place within a course. You can always drop the course before classes begin, should you be advised not to take the course or you change your mind.

Because the summer session is condensed to a six-week period, it is more intensive than an academic year semester. We recommend that you consider a course load of six to eight credits (two courses).

To be considered for any financial aid you must register for at least six credits. You may not remove an incomplete as part of those six credits and receive financial aid. Your final registration should reflect discussions between you and your home school or college academic advisor.

No, you will register through MySlice. We encourage you to register early for your courses; however, SSUI students must apply for admission and be accepted for participation in SSUI before they will receive the reduced fee and any financial aid. Because SSUI has a significantly reduced fee, your course selection must be confirmed by the SSUI team to guarantee the reduced fee.

Please note, any course change, addition, drop or withdrawal must be processed through SSUI. Failure to do so may result in incorrect Bursar charges, incomplete course drop/withdrawal or removal from the program.

Prior to the drop deadline, you must email SSUI and your academic advisor of your decision to withdraw from the program. SSUI will remove your hold to allow you to drop your courses on MySlice.  You are responsible for dropping all courses for which you have registered.

No, you may participate in SSUI while taking online courses.

SSUI students who wish to live on campus need to arrange housing directly with Housing, Meal Plan, and I.D. Card Services.