Explore the list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) below and students, faculty, staff, parents, families and supporters are encouraged to contact the Student Outreach and Retention (SOaR) team to learn more.


Students, staff, faculty, parents, families and supporters are encouraged to contact SOaR to learn about available support resources and services. Learn more throughout the SOaR website and begin receiving personalized support by contacting the SOaR team

As the hub for integrated student support, Student Outreach and Retention (SOaR) helps students no matter the issue or challenge. If you are a student or are interested in supporting a student, SOaR case managers are a great resource if unsure where to start. Learn more on the Student Support webpage.

Highlights include but are not limited to the following. Explore the webpages below and contact the SOaR team to begin receiving personalized support today!

Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), SOaR is not able to share information about a student without the student’s permission.  Learn more and if you are a student who wishes to share information, please complete the SOaR Release of Information Form on the Student Support webpage

SOaR Case Managers

SOaR case managers help students and those seeking to support students, navigate questions, concerns, make resource referrals, assist in connecting with offices, faculty and staff across the academic and campus experience, build a network of support, care for students and more! Learn more on the Student Support webpage.

Syracuse University faculty, staff, students, parents, families and supporters, are encouraged to contact SOaR if they have a concern for a student who may be facing a personal struggle, exhibiting behaviors that are concerning or worrisome, is in distress or could benefit from additional support and resources.

Case managers may reach out to students if made aware that they may be struggling with some aspect of campus life or have been impacted by a recent event.

Students, faculty, staff, parents and supporters, may also reach out if they would like to discuss a student issue, struggle or barrier with a case manager. Together, the case manager, student and supporting campus community members, will work on an action plan for future follow-up, including possible referrals to additional support areas and ongoing case management, that may continue throughout the semester or longer as determined by the case manager and student. 

Learn more on the Student Support webpage.