Health and Wellness for Families

As pillars in the lives of students, families and supporters are important catalysts of health and wellness. Families and members of students’ support networks are invited to explore and share with students the resources, services and information below. For additional information, please visit the Barnes Center at The Arch website or call 315.443.8000.

Barnes Center at The Arch Dimensions of Wellness

Flipping the status quo, the Barnes Center Dimensions of Wellness open opportunities to not only “talk with,” but also place students in the driver’s seat of their unique holistic health and wellness journeys.

Similar to a personalized guiding compass, the Barnes Center Wellness Wheel is a visual representation of holistic wellness through the eight Dimensions of Wellness, all of which host a core of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA). The Barnes Center at The Arch Wellness Philosophy webpage shares descriptions, examples, available Syracuse University resources and experiences for each Dimension of Wellness.

Supporting Student Wellness Series

Through a student-focused lens of integrated health and wellness, this series explores a variety of Barnes Center at The Arch resources and services. In the pursuit of enhancing the student experience, topics empower faculty, staff, students, families and supporters as catalysts of health and wellness within their daily interactions. Be sure to revisit for updated topics!