Queer and Trans Solidarity List

As a visual representation of names, the Queer and Trans Solidarity List helps to further highlight the strong foundation of support within our campus communities. The LGBTQ Resource Center will be collecting names throughout the 2022-23 academic year for online publication; those who would like to have their name included in the print version of the list in the Daily Orange must submit their name by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2022. For more information, please contact the LGBTQ Resource Center.

Sign the Queer and Trans Solidarity List today!

By adding their names to the list, individuals demonstrated support for the following statement:

“We pledge to support those who identify within lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex and asexual (LGBTQIA+) communities at Syracuse University and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF). We believe that coming out can be an empowering and rewarding process. We also acknowledge that not everyone has the desire or ability to come out; for some, coming out can pose a threat to emotional and even physical safety. But we believe that you do not have to come out to find support and community. We acknowledge that your experiences are real and valid, and we list our names here as resources. We will listen to you, work with you, advocate for you and welcome you. We are committed to working against queer and trans antagonism that marginalizes LGBTQIA+ people and their many intersecting identities; we actively strive to build campuses that celebrate queer and trans identities and communities. The names listed here demonstrate the breadth of solidarity across Syracuse University and SUNY-ESF. We believe that queer and trans existence is beautiful!”


2022-2023 Queer and Trans Solidarity List

Aaron B. Partnow
Abbey Cliffel
Abby Presson
Adam Guenther
Adira Ramirez
Aiden Ciaffaglione
Alejandro Rosales
Alison Fredericks
Allen Groves
Allie Heppner
Allison DeVoe
Alonzo D. Turner
Alynn Woodson
Amanda DuBose
Amanda EyeAm
Amber L Gray
Amy Friers
Anne E. Lombard
Annette Jenner-Matthews
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Mazzacane
Bailey Tlachac
Benjamin Charles Jones
Beth Myers
Bethany Heaton Crawford
Beverly Everding
Binaka Norris
Blythe Allison Bennett
Breana Nieves Vergara
Brenna Helmstutler
Brian Konkol
Brianna Pinckney
Bridget Mack
Brittany Hoffmann Smith
Brooke Tyszka
Caitlan Truelove
Camille Donabella
Candace Campbell Jackson
Cara Capparelli
Carrie Abbott
Carrie Brown
Carrie Ingersoll-Wood
Catherine García
Christi Jennings
Christina Leigh Docteur
Christina Papaleo
Christopher Cofer
Christopher Perrello
Ciana Steller
Claire Easton
Claude Oliver Bisson
CloudySky Khazraishokatkhou
Colin Sumner
Colleen Cameron
Courtney Albiker
Courtney Bazan Colvin
Danayla Odom-West
Dane Faes
Daniel J. French
Dara J. Royer
David Becker
David Seaman
Dominic Chiappone
Dominic Wilkins
Dr Kristy Lee Hochenberger Parkin
Dr. Starr Hoffman
Dustin J. Satterfield
Eboni J. Britt
Elizabeth Gleesing
Elliott Hickey
Emily Farnach
Emily Pifer
Emily Steinberger
Emily Stokes-Rees
Emma Ticio
Emmet Messing Kobasa
Erica Ng
Erin Smith
Erin Tochelli
Fiona Lew
Francis B. Tang
Gabe Nugent
Gabrielle R.M. Lake
Giovanna Albaroni
Gretchen Lopez
Gretchen Purser
Guilherme Costa
Heather Engelman
Henry O'Brien
Huey Hsiao
Ilayda Ece Ova
Ixchel Loren Flores
J. Michael Haynie
Jaime Banks
James Kenneth Duah-Agyeman
Jana Seal
Jane Satter
Jasmina Tacheva
Jasmine Holmes
Jason Lipow
Jeff Stanton
Jennifer Keating
Jennifer Stromer-Galley
Jennifer Webb
Jeremy Ramos
Jersey Cosantino
Jessica Bruneau
Jessie T. Darkis
Jill Ferguson
Jill Hurst-Wahl
Jimmy Luckman
Jiwoon Yulee
John Stawarz
John Wildhack
Jonathan J. Hoster
Jorge A. Castillo
Joseph Beckmann
Josh Introne
Josh Rich
Jude Lewis
Julia Kahen
Julia M. Dudley
Julie Woulfe
Justin Vaught
Kala E. Rounds
Kamala Ramadoss
Karen J. Hall
Karen Oakes
Karen Toole
Karess Gillespie
Kate Mercer
Kate Tressler
Kathleen Coughlin
Kathleen Flannery
Kathleen Haley
Kathryn Allen
Kathryn Clinton
Katie Brody
Katie McClellan
Katie Scanlon
Kaylee Horrell
Kelly Campbell
Kelly Homan Rodoski
Kelly J Bogart
Kelly O'Connor
Kemi Kairuki
Kendall Slee Santola
Kent Syverud
Kevin Wall
Kim Schulz
Kimberly Cook
Kira McCrary
Kirin Raynor Taylor
Kirsten Elleby
Kit Fletcher
Kristen Kennedy
Kriti Behari
Kyle Chouinard
Lauren Wolfe
Leanne Burrell
Lee A Newman
LeeAnne Lane
Libby Croom
Linfeng Li
Lisette Child
Liz Parsons
Liza Rochelson
London C. Hill
Lora Carlson
Madison Soto
Malissa Monaghan
Mallory Mitchell
Marcelle Haddix
Maria T. Brown
Marilyn Hesler
Mark Nash
Martha Love
Mary Grace Almandrez
Mary Rachel Keville
Maryanne Ross
Matthew Clark
Matthew Hackett
Meg Cortese
Megan Oakleaf
Megan Thompson
Meghan Hendricks
Melissa Fierke
Michael DeBellevue
Michael Mazzaroppi
Michelle Giordano
Michelle Prince
Michelle Saunders-Smith
Missy Mathis-Hanlon
Mo Wood
Monika Mihajlovska
Morgan Sample
Natalie C. LoRusso
Nell Bartkowiak
Nick Bowman
Nick Bremerman
Niki Swackhamer
Odette Marie Rodriguez
Ofentse Mokoka
oliver haney
Pam Peter
Patricia Sweeney
Paula Maxwell
Paula Possenti-Perez
Pazy Davis
Peg Austin
Penelope Pooler Eisenbies
Peter E Sala
PJ DiPietro
Poppy Louthan
Rachel Hamilton
Rachel Ivy Clarke
Rachel Raposas
Rachel Scalisi
Radell Roberts
Rainu George
Rebecca Shaffer Mannion
Reighan Michelle Alston
Richard Perrins
Richard Smith
Ricky Pak
riley hammond
Riley Uremovic
Rob Hradsky
Rob Pusch
Robin Summers
Rosemary Crist
Rusty Bartels
Ruth Yanai
Sadie Meyer
Samantha Perkins
Sara Kelly Johns
Sarah Alessandrini
Sarah Bratt
Sarah Weber
Sebastian Modrow
Sevgi Erdogan
Shannon Andre
Shyanne D. White
Simone C. Adams
Sophia Moore
Stacey Royer
Steve Bennett
Steven Cohan
Suanne Au
Susan M. Conklin
Suzanne Holland
Sydni Barnett
Syed Ahmad
Tal Ben Ari
Tamara N. Hamilton
Tammy Chadwick
Taylor Gale
Tess Barrett
Tiffany Dennett
Toni Hanrahan
Tracy Barlok
Tyler Aitken
Tyler Sliker
Tyrone Reese
Uchechi Onyenkpa
Valerie Goetter
Vanessa D Lee
Vanessa Rojas
Vera Power
Vicky Williams
Victoria Weber
Violet Fox
Virginia Evans
William Myhill
Zach DeWolfe