VMock Login

VMock is a 24/7 resume review platform free for Syracuse University students. By using VMock, students will have personalized and almost instant resume feedback. Curated to the individual’s skills, career course of study, and ambitions, feedback explores all aspects of the resume and is based on principles gathered from employers, global best practices, and provides customized recommendations to lift resumes to the next level. For more information or questions, please contact the Syracuse University Career Services team.

If you have questions about VMock, be sure to schedule an appointment via Handshake with the Career Services team or with your school or college to learn more!

Benefits of VMock

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Resume guidelines tailored to your school or college.
  • Easy to interpret resume scoring and action oriented feedback to guide improvements.
  • Students have the opportunity to upload their resume up to 10 times per academic year.

  1. Log into VMock using your Syracuse University email address (i.e. @syr.edu) and password.
  2. Your account will be verified by the Career Services team.
  3. When you login for the first time, watch the short Welcome to VMock video to get you started.
  4. Create your profile by following the prompts.

Students are encouraged to explore the Resume webpage for additional resources.  For one-on-one support, students may schedule a meeting with Syracuse University Career Services or their school/college.

  1. If you decide to create your resume on VMock, select “Create new” and follow the instructions of Your Smart Assistant.
  2. When you select your school or college, a pre-established template will be ready for you upon entering the dashboard.
  3. Select "See template" to view your school or college-specific template.

  1. Log into VMock using your Syracuse University email address (i.e. @syr.edu) and password.
  2. When you login and select your college, a template will be ready for you when you enter your dashboard.
  3. Select “See template” to view your college-specific template.
  4. Select “Download template” to use the template.

  1. Log into VMock using your Syracuse University email address (i.e. @syr.edu) and password.
  2. Upload a PDF of your resume. (If you don’t have one, you can choose to create one within VMock using a template specific to your school or college, or explore the Resume webpage. If you need additional support, please contact Syracuse University Career Services, or your school or college.)

  1. After uploading your resume, you will receive line-by-line feedback and an aggregate resume score (strive for 75%, which is a great score) to assess the strength of your resume benchmarked against your own Syracuse University peer group. Using SMART benchmarking, VMock grades your resume in three categories, impact, presentation, and competencies.
  2. After receiving your initial score, select “View Detailed Feedback” on the right side of the webpage for line-by-line suggestions.
  3. Select “System Feedback” on the right side of the webpage to see your resume from the recruiter perspective.
  4. Select “Bullet Level Feedback” to delve even deeper in the content and structure of your resume.
  5. Use the feedback gained from VMock to make updates to your resume.
  6. If you would like to talk with a career advisor more in-depth about improvements, schedule an appointment on Handshake.

Once you feel your resume is in a great place, we recommend uploading your resume to Handshake and making it a public document, along with your profile. We also encourage you to update your Handshake profile so it is 100% complete. An updated profile and a public resume gives your Handshake account the greatest opportunity to be viewed by employers seeking to fill internships, jobs and to be contacted directly!