LinkedIn Login

Connecting you with over 120,000 Syracuse University alumni and current students, LinkedIn provides opportunities to network and build professional skills. For more information or questions, please contact the Syracuse University Career Services team.

  1. Visit the LinkedIn website.
  2. Click “Join now.”
  3. Enter the required account information.
  4. Following, in as little as five minutes complete your profile, confirm your email address and access the entire platform.

  1. Visit the LinkedIn website and log-in.
  2. Search for groups related to your interests, major and career goals.
  3. Additionally, don’t miss the opportunity to connect with Syracuse University’s LinkedIn Alumni Network, ’CuseConnect and the groups associated with your schools or colleges.

  1. Visit the LinkedIn website and log-in.
  2.  Ensure that you have updated your profile to reflect your education information.
  3. Then click the “Network tab,” then “Find Alumni” and adjust search criteria as needed.

Make an appointment and learn more about using LinkedIn to explore internship and professional employment opportunities.