Xiaoxuan Qu

Xiaoxuan Qu portraitTherapeutic Style: My therapeutic style and theoretical orientation are influenced by Alfred Adler’s individual psychology. I understand that personality development is an active and creative process in which individuals attribute meaning to the life experiences they have faced. I see that individuals are active constructors and interpreters of their situations. In counseling, I offer students genuine warmth, empathy, acceptance and understanding. I make my best attempts to stand in the student’s shoes to see and feel what the student is experiencing to understand the uniqueness of each student. As I try to facilitate an atmosphere of hope, reassurance and encouragement, I hope to enable students to develop a feeling that things can be different.

Professional Interests: My areas of professional interest include working with students on their struggles—anxiety, depression, loneliness, stress, perfectionism, conflicts, transitions, relationships, intimacy, grief and loss, identity exploration and development—across age, gender and culture. As a Chinese native speaker, I can counsel in Mandarin when such a need arises for students.

Educational Background: I am currently a counselor education doctoral student at Syracuse University. I completed a master’s degree in counseling at Webster University in Switzerland. My psychology and anthropology degrees were completed in the United Kingdom.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers